Better Batch Record Designs, Fewer Errors, Better Compliance.

Improve your Right First Time
performance by eliminating
60%-80% of your batch record

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With less than 50% of Batch Documents delivered right first time, regulated manufacturing companies are wasting vast amounts of time, resources and money, checking, rechecking and correcting documentation errors.

Unique Approach RFT Methodology Proven Solution
All our Customers benefit from our unique approach to designing robust Manufacturing Batch Records to prevent errors, improve compliance and We gathered and analysed thousands of actual errors made by many of the world’s leading regulated manufacturers. Working with leading international Our solution has been proven to work for large and small, national and international pharmaceutical and medical device companies. Learn for yourself how to
reduce the work involved in reviewing and correcting these documents.
And all of our Customers have reduced their documentation errors by more than 50%.
  universities and experts in human factors, usability and document design we have developed document design solutions to eliminate errors.   prevent errors, simplify calculations, clarify instructions, ensure correct dates/formats, eliminate missing signatures and ensure no data is omitted from the batch record.  
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